Fox Origins

Sneaky Foxes (Vulpes Vulpes Callidus) are an invasive omnivorous predator who have established themselves in almost all fine-food and fine-wine ecological niches across the globe.   In particular, they are devastating hunters of the rare and now-threatened "Non-Terrine Terrine" (Nonterrinus Carnaeloafus).

The "Canobolas" sub-species of the Sneaky Fox (Vulpes Callidus Canobalii) has only established itself in the Orange district of Central West NSW in the last 50 years but is now a much-feared pest to restauranteurs and vignerons alike.  It is suspected to have at least three dens in the district but the mobility and low, rat cunning of the animal make this hard to establish.

Sneaky Foxes are most feared when they form informal skulks where they attack targets as a group.  This is known variously as a "Sneaky Fox Run", a "Foxtober Fest", a "Forage" or, more simply and accurately, "Carnage".  Many of these occur in broad daylight, attesting to Sneaky Foxes' brashness and arrogance.  Their worst attacks have been most frequently observed in April-time, but appear to be becoming more common and widespread through the year.


Sneaky Fox